Kindle Cover in Cygnet Utopia Chunky


I decided I wanted to try the Utopia Chunky as the colours are great.

Thought I’d try something small first to see how it knitted up and what the end result would look like.

I decided to knit a cover for my Kindle, as I’ve been wanting to make one for a while.

Thought I’d see if I could make one out of 1 ball of wool, so I could name this a 1 ball project.

It took just 1 ball with enough left over to sew it up.



It was fairy basic to knit, I used 1 ball of the shade Bodnant, as I love the colour mix of this and have been to Bodnant Gardens in North Wales, so just felt this was a good choice of colour for me.

Using 3.25mm Needles I cast on 38st – I used smaller needles as I wanted a tighter firmer piece of fabric so it would protect my kindle better.

I did garter stitch ( knit every row for 180 rows )

Then did K2, P2, K2 for 16 Rows

Row 17 –  I cast off some stitch in the middle to make a button hole for my button, no point in saying how many stitches, as it depended on the size of your button.. I used a very large button.

Just cast off enough stitches in the middle of row 17 to make it big enough for your button to go through, then continue with the rest of the row.

On the next row continue in rib pattern, when you get to the middle, cast back on the same number of stitches that you cast off for the button hole.

Then knit 11 more rows in the same K2, P2, K2 rib.

Cast Off


Then lay your kindle next to the knitted piece, fold over the main 180 rows, put right sides together and sew the two seams up at either side.

Fold over the top ribbed part to see where the button hole is and sew on your button to the main part of the cover.

You should then have your finished Kindle cover to pop inside and button up to keep it safe inside.



I’m happy with the result, it keeps my kindle safe and clean.

I think looking at the design of this, if I’d cast on a few more stitches and made it slightly bigger, I could have made this into a hot water bottle cover.

That may be something to think about for another small project.

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